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Education & Training

Track 2 and Track 3 Video Archive


Available to view below are the most recently completed Track 2 and Track 3 recordings.

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# of Videos

Biomath 170A: Introductory Biomathematics for Medical Investigators
Fall 2016 


Biomath 259: Controversies in Clinical Trials 10 Winter 2017

Biomath 264: Applied Data Collection and Analysis 16 Spring 2017

Biomath 265A: Computer Assisted Statistical Data Analysis 18 Winter 2017


Biomath 266B: Advanced Biostatistics 18 Spring 2017

Biomath 285: Introduction to High-Throughput Data Analysis 18 Spring 2017

Biostat 410: Statistical Methods in Clinical Trials (recordings are not done for this course) -- --


Biomath M260A: Methodology in Clinical Research: Clinical Trials 19 Fall 2016


Biomath M260B: Methodology in Clinical Research: Longitudinal & Community Studies 13
Spring 2017

Biomath M260C: Methodology in Clinical Research: Observational Studies 20 Fall 2016


Biomath M261: Responsible Conduct of Research 10 Fall 2016


Biomath M262: Communication of Science 7 Winter 2017


Biomath M263: Clinical Pharmacology
3 Spring 2015       


Biomath M266A: Applied Regression Analysis in Medical Sciences 18 Winter 2017