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  • Anne Skinner

    Anne Skinner

    Chief Administrative Officer

  • Denise Gellene, M.B.A.

    Denise Gellene, M.B.A.

    Director of Science Communication

  • Rachel Hintz

    Rachel Hintz

    Director of Finance

  • Prachi Balaji

    Prachi Balaji

    Senior Fund Manager

  • Jovi Ednave

    Jovi Ednave

    Fund Manager

  • Stacey Alvarez

    Stacey Alvarez

    Junior Fund Manager

  • Jessica Castillo

    Jessica Castillo

    Web Editor

  • Deborah Herman

    Deborah Herman

    Project Manager

  • Iman Hussain

    Iman Hussain

    Administrative Specialist

  • Debby Peterson

    Debby Peterson

    Administrative Lead


  • Raquel Gutierrez

    Raquel Gutierrez

    Administrative Lead

    LA BioMed

  • Gregory Turner

    Gregory Turner

    Administrative Lead

    Charles R. Drew University

  • Robin Faria

    Robin Faria

    Grants Submission Unit, Director of Operations

  • Jane Skerritt

    Jane Skerritt

    Grants Submission Unit, Administrative and Communications Coordinator

  • Elaine Howell

    Elaine Howell

    Grants Submission Unit, Senior Project Manager

  • Amin Quadri

    Amin Quadri

    Grants Submission Unit, Project Manager

  • Sheleana Varvaro

    Sheleana Varvaro

    Grants Submission Unit, Project Manager

  • LeeAnna Bowman-Carpio

    LeeAnna Bowman-Carpio

    Evaluation and Grants Submission Unit, Junior Research Associate

  • Jachael Gardner

    Jachael Gardner

    Evaluation, Junior Research Associate


  • Pamela Davidson, Ph.D., M.S.H.S.

  • Nicole Makowka

    Nicole Makowka

    Program Manager

  • Jim Morrison

    Jim Morrison

    Program Analyst

  • Terry Nakazono

    Terry Nakazono

    Program Analyst

  • LeeAnna Bowman-Carpio

    LeeAnna Bowman-Carpio

    Evaluation and Grants Submission Unit, Junior Research Associate

  • Jachael Gardner

    Jachael Gardner

    Evaluation and Grants Submission Unit, Junior Research Associate



CTSI Communications provides assistance and guidance with publicizing events, news and announcements. Please see the table below for publicity options, deadlines and contacts.

Publicity Option/Vehicle Approach
UCLA CTSI bi-weekly newsletter Published every other Wednesday; contains announcements from the CTSI website (e.g. events and news sections). View the 2018 and 2019 newsletter schedule.
Post events/news to CTSI website (homepage) Submit to editors@ctsi.ucla.edu. Please allow up to 48 hours for processing.
Post fliers Individuals/CTSI programs are responsible for the design, photocopying and distribution. Please obtain a logo by e-mailing editors@ctsi.ucla.edu
Tabling Contact Deborah Herman for use of the CTSI table cover.
Poster sessions Contact editors@ctsi.ucla.edu to obtain poster templates.
CTSI program-area brochures Contact editors@ctsi.ucla.edu to obtain a template and/or edit existing content. Text and design must be reviewed and the printed through CTSI Communications.
Branding/CTSI logo requests Contact editors@ctsi.ucla.edu to obtain the logo.
PowerPoint templates Contact editors@ctsi.ucla.edu to obtain the templates.


The CTSI Finance team coordinates all aspects of pre- and post- award management of the CTSA, including administration of pilot and core voucher awards. The team works closely with the UCLA Office of Research Administration including the Office of Contracts and Grants Administration (OCGA), Extramural Fund Management (EFM), and Research Policy & Compliance (RPC). Our team acts as the point of contact with NIH for all fiscal matters pertaining to the CTSI grant awards.

Grants Submission Unit

The Grants Submission Unit supports the grant application process with particular emphasis on large and complex grants. Support can include project management and multisite coordination, project checklists, grant-writing outlines, and grant review and editing for consistency, clarity and responsiveness to the RFA.

In the cases of large proposals that advance the goals of CTSI, the Grants Submission Unit provides hands-on management of the grant-writing process, including collecting biosketches, drafting and soliciting letters of support, and collating resource pages and other boilerplate as needed.


The CTSI Evaluation Unit provides the evidence base for accelerating innovation and continuously improving operational effectiveness and efficiency of the CTSI. It collects and analyzes relevant data and provides transparent, timely evaluation to increase accountability. To perform these tasks, the CTSI uses a variety of data collection instruments and tools, including:

  • Organizational Effectiveness Survey, a bi-annual survey used to identify gaps and improve resources and services to investigators. The survey asks respondents to rate 29 CTSI services on a five-point scale ranging from “not at all effective” to “extremely effective.”
  • Scientific Achievement Survey, an annual survey that measures scientific productivity. The survey asks if CTSI pilot funds or services led to new extramural funds, publications, patents, copyrights or technology licensing; if the research involved collaborators from the community or other CTSAs; and if researchers encountered barriers that slowed their work. The survey also asks for brief descriptions of the scientific or health impact of their CTSI-supported research.

Evaluation also collects operational metrics from each of the CTSI program areas. These metrics measure resource use, service satisfaction, productivity, and adherence to program timelines and milestones, and health impact.