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  • Marianne Zachariah

    Marianne Zachariah


    Program Administrator

  • Carina Hampp

    Carina Hampp


    Research Assistant

  • Ngan Chau

    Ngan Chau


    Application Programmer

  • Liz Chen, M.B.A.

    Liz Chen, M.B.A.
    LA BioMed

    Biomedical Informatics Manager

  • Sebastian Delta

    Sebastian Delta

    Charles R. Drew University

    Software Developer

  • Amanda Do

    Amanda Do


    Clinical Data Research Analyst

  • Robert Follett

    Robert Follett


    Lead Data Analyst

  • Cheryl Jackson

    Cheryl Jackson


    Dr. Douglas Bell's Assistant

  • Javier Sanz-Vidorreta

    Javier Sanz-Vidorreta


    Data Analyst

  • Theona Tacorda

    Theona Tacorda


    Data Analyst

  • Kabir Yadav, M.D., M.S., M.S.H.S.

    Kabir Yadav, M.D., M.S., M.S.H.S.

    LA BioMed

    Informatics Staff


Program Description

The Informatics Program provides access to electronic health record (EHR) data across multiple institutions, builds computation resources for data management, analysis and sharing and formulates and implements coordinated plans for providing data security. Program achievements include:
  • A data consulting service to help researchers access UCLA xDR data.
  • Enabling cohort search in two federated networks: 1) the University of California Research Exchange (UC ReX), involving the five UC Medical Centers; 2) the Los Angeles Data Resource (LADR), involving six LA-area medical centers.
  • Spearheading biomedical informatics training through an ACGME-accredited clinical informatics fellowship program; graduate-level training in biomedical informatics; and introductory researcher workshops for instruction in various informatics tools and standards.

Program Aims

Aim 1: Create high-throughput systems for exploring EHR data across multiple institutions, obtaining standardized EHR data extracts, integrating patient data from multiple institutions, conducting patient recruitment, and collecting additional data using NIH Common Data Elements.

Aim 2:
Build computational resources for the management, analysis and sharing of biomedical big data (such as -omics, mHealth, and text documents) alongside other clinical data.

Aim 3:
Formulate and implement coordinated plans for ensuring the security of human subjects research data both within each CTSI partner institution and across collaborative boundaries.

Program Services

Consulting and assistance with:

  • complex databases
  • clinical data access
  • online, email-prompted surveys
  • terminology systems
  • online systems to support research
  • informatics tools
Visit Clinical Data Requests for more information. 

Marianne Zachariah
Program Administrator
(310) 794-8542