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Population Health


Program Description

Dissemination, implementation, and improvement (DII) sciences hold great promise to translate emerging knowledge into effective multi-sector policies and system-level changes; these methods are underused in public health practice. The CTSI collaborates with local health agencies to advance the practice and application of these critical translational sciences. The CTSI Population Health program equips health agency personnel with the skills that they need to introduce and sustain these methods. A progressive learning process over five years will transform how health agencies use science to improve population health. We build our academic capacity to apply these methods in innovative ways in a local population laboratory that is unparalleled nationally in its size, diversity, and health care and service system complexity. Our program leaders bridge academics and public health practice, enabling the CTSI to integrate training, methodological innovation, and real-world application in our region.

Program Aims

CTSI Population Health program has three aims:
  • Aim 1: Prepare researchers and health agencies to apply improvement, implementation and dissemination research methods to the development, scale-up and spread of multi-component, multi-level population health interventions.

  • Aim 2: Apply innovative modeling techniques and use large datasets for population health research and improvement.

  • Aim 3: Apply DII sciences to address real-world population health problems.

Moira Inkelas, Ph.D., M.P.H., M. Phil.
Program Leader