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UC-OptumLabs Research Proposal Forms Due
Deadline: January 07, 2019 12:00 PM

This deadline has passed and is no longer active

As part of the strategic relationship between UC and OptumLabs, OptumLabs will provide up to seven UC researchers with OptumLabs-funded access to its database of de-identified, linked clinical and administrative claims information (terms and conditions apply).

The credit includes data access for one research project and OptumLabs technology infrastructure with standard configuration for two users. Each project is scheduled to last one year after data access is granted (unless an extension deadline is filed and approved).

OptumLabs will be soliciting proposals for research ideas that leverage the OptumLabs data. Examples of research projects using OptumLabs data include: variation in care, utilization, safety and efficacy, predictive modeling, policy and incentives, outcomes, methods, literature review, health economics, guidelines/quality of care, epidemiology, disparities, delivery of care, and comparative effectiveness.

OptumLabs will call for proposals beginning November 5, 2018. Principal Investigators or Co-PIs at all 10 UC campuses are eligible on proposals.


  • Announce Upcoming Call for Proposals (CFP) - October 8
  • Release CFP - November 5
  • Brief Research Proposal Forms (RPF) Due - January 7 at 12 pm
  • Brief overview of project, data required, and resources available
  • Review by UC BRAID-selected review committee and by OptumLabs research staff (the latter for feasibility only)
  • Notification of selected candidates by the end of February
  • Additional details on the timeline, process for the OptumLabs review, and data access will be described in the November 5 CFP announcement
  • Note: Informational webinars are scheduled for November 9 at 8am and 12pm and December 7 at 8am and 12pm. Sessions will be one hour.

Research Proposal Forms are due on January 7, 2019 by 12 pm.
The Call for Proposals contains detailed information about the OptumLabs proposal selection criteria and submission process. Applicants should also address the Research Proposal Form (RPF). For a copy of the RPF, the OptumLabs Research Application Template, and detailed information about the OptumLabs data sets, visit the UC-OptumLabs microsite/knowledge repository.


  • The Principal Investigator (PI) or at least one Co-PI must be full time faculty at one of the five UC academic medical centers (UCD, UCI, UCLA, UCSD, UCSF) and eligible to submit grants
  • Co-PIs and Co-Investigators at all 10 UC campuses are eligible on proposals (with at least one Co-PI meeting the above criteria)
  • Note: Previous awardees are eligible to apply for a new project.

Note: If you have resources to pay for access to the OLDW, you can move forward now. OLDW research can also be conducted using grant funding, and the OptumLabs team can support grant applications/proposals with feasibilities and letters of support. Email Rick Little (OptumLabs Partner Relationship Executive) at rick.little@optum.com if you would like the fee schedule or more information.

Get more information by visiting the UC-OptumLabs microsite/knowledge repository.

Ask questions about the OptumLabs data or your research idea by contacting Sarah Thayer, PhD (OptumLabs Director of Research) at sarah.thayer@optum.com.

Stay up to date on the latest OptumLabs opportunities and information by signing up for the OptumLabs listserv.

OptumLabs is an open, collaborative center for research and innovation focused on improving patient care and value. The comprehensive real-world data with nearly 200 million de-identified lives across claims and clinical information contains a rich, linked dataset, which can be used to conduct broad or narrow investigations on populations and unique subsets within them.

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