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Early pregnancy MRI scans may help predict health risks for a mother and child



UCLA CTSI News Archive

Placenta/B Lee et al

Representative MRI images of placental perfusion and oxygenation show the visual difference in placental perfusion and oxygenation as obtained by MRI. 

Ischemic placental disease (IPD) can have several negative health effects for both mother and child, including preeclampsia, fetal growth restriction, and placental abruption. However, a new study suggests MRI scans can be used to help predict IDP in early pregnancy, providing important information about a baby's overall growth and development. UCLA CTSI provided support for the research through consultations between co-author Dr. Sherin Devaskar and the Biostatistical, Epidemiological and Research Design Program, led by co-author and biostatistician, Sitaram Vangala.

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