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CTSI Congratulates Winners of the Poster and Research Talk Competitions at the Mitochondrial Symposium



UCLA CTSI News Archive


Symposium attendees during the poster session. 

CTSI partnered with the DGSOM Metabolism Theme and others to sponsor a one-day symposium at UCLA devoted to mitochondrial research, including such areas as bioenergetics, dynamics and genetics. 

Highlights of the Nov. 2 symposium included presentations from top professional researchers in the mitochondrial field, a research talk competition for postdocs and students, and poster session competition. CTSI sponsored both competitions; below are the awardees.

Poster awards: 

  • First Prize
    Huang Yang, graduate student, Department of Neurology/Molecular, Cell and Integrative Physiology, UCLA 
    "Clueless/cluH Acts in Parallel to the PINK1/parkin Pathway in Regulating Mitochondrial Fission-Fusion and Compensates for Loss of PINK1/parkin"
  • Second Prize
    Christina Termini, postdoctoral student, Hematology/Oncology, UCLA
    "Visualization of the Inner Mitochondria Membrane During Mitochondrial Division Using 4D Structured Illumination Microscopy"
  • Third Prize
    Jennifer Ngo, graduate student, Chemistry & Biochemistry, UCLA
    "Dysregulation of Fatty Acid Utilization in Hepatocytes in Obese and Diabetic Models"

Talks awards: 

  • First Prize
    Ting Zhang, graduate student, Molecular Cellular Integrative Physiology/Neurology, UCLA
    "Pathological VCP Disease Mutants Generate Mitochondrial Defects and are Relieved by VCP Inhibitors"
  • Second Prize
    Agape Awad, graduate student, Chemistry & Biochemistry, UCLA
    "Nutrient Sensing and Mitochondrial Coenzyme Q Biosynthesis: Are They Connected by a Phosphatase?"
  • Third Prize
    Lucie Bergdoll, postdoctoral student, Physiology, UCLA
    "Protonation State of Glutamate 73 Regulates the Formation of a Unique Dimericassociation of mVDAC1"

Visit the UCLA Mitochondrial Symposium website for more information.