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CTSI co-director named among new CLIC-CTSA committee leaders



UCLA CTSI News Archive


Dr. Arleen Brown, co-director for the CTSI and program leader for the Community Engagement and Research Program, is named to co-chair one of CLIC-CTSA's enterprise committees. 

UCLA CTSI co-director, Dr. Arleen Brown, and Dr. Carla Williams of Georgetown University, have been named as this year's co-chairs for CLIC-CTSA's Collaboration & Engagement Enterprise Committee.

The committee's goal is to engage stakeholder communities and enable team science.

The committee is one of a variety of CTSA Program Groups that were established to execute the recommendations of the NCATS Advisory Council Working Group on the IOM Report on the CTSA Program. 

The 2021 co-chairs, Laurene Tumiel-Berhalter and Lori Carter-Edwards were thanked for their dedicated service.

The next Full Membership meeting is on February 7, 2022 at 1 pm ET. 

Learn more about the goals of the Collaboration & Engagement Enterprise Committee and other groups, by visiting the CLIC website.