On June 27, 2014, CTSI's Rapid Response Team Grant Submission Unit (RRT) presented their Grant Application Management Software at the CTSA Tool Shop, a monthly webinar series hosted by C4 on behalf of the Clinical and Translational Science Awards Consortium. The event was well attended and the RRT presented a web application they have developed for the purpose of putting together successful grant application submissions.

This online tool includes automated, clear task assignments with deadlines and messaging (email notifications) for both scientists and grant administrators to ensure that key scientific and administrative tasks are completed at the optimal time. The system also includes shared document functionality to provide easy access to, and storage, for files which allows collaborators to access current versions of documents without digging through email and worrying about editing versions that are not current. Month-formatted calendars with actions due for a given grant are also available to all of the team members involved in specific grant responses. The RRT system is extremely customizable and can be altered to fit all grant proposals and projects.

To view the RRT presentation, video recording, fact sheet and questions & answer list, please go to the CTSA Tool Shop page. Research personnel at any institution are encouraged to review and utilize the RRT software. 

More information:

If you are interested in getting started on a grant application and would like the support of the Rapid Response Team, please contact them at rrt@mednet.ucla.edu or 310-267-4258.

Image caption: RRT Grant Application Management Software is available to research personnel at any institution.

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