The mission of the Department of Public Policy is to enhance both the range of ideas and knowledge about how to deal with public problems and improve the skills of those who deal with them professionally, by conducting research directed to public issues, educating public policy professionals, and partnering with public servants and the community to disseminate and apply new and existing knowledge for solving public problems. The UCLA Department of Public Policy has an impressive roster of distinguished scholars representing countless disciplines. The faculty reflects a wide range of interests in social and international issues, including crime, health, environment, welfare, and national security, to name just a few. The Department of Public Policy offers a rigorous and challenging policy program that provides the analytical tools and strategic orientation that one needs to be a leader in identifying policy problems, designing new policies and organizations, advocating their adoption, managing their implementation, and evaluating their impact. The Master of Public Policy program combines the best of traditional policy education with a flexibility and responsiveness that enables graduates to remain relevant and influential in a rapidly changing world. 

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Last updated
January 4, 2024