Assistant Professor
Department of Pediatrics

Project title: Preventing Childhood Obesity: Addressing the Family Environmental Factors

Deborah Glik, ScD – UCLA
Wendy Slusser, MD - UCLA
Paul Chung, MD, MS - UCLA
Thomas Belin, PhD - UCLA

Multidisciplinary Expertise:
General Pediatrics, Latino Children's Health, Childhood Obesity, Early Childhood, Child Development

Project Description:
My K23 Mentored Career Development Award will focus on a sequential mixed methods research approach to address childhood obesity prevention. A family-focused intervention will be developed to prevent childhood obesity based on formative qualitative research, components of an evidence-based parent training intervention, and the dietary and physical activity practices consistent with the American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines. The intervention will be piloted and preliminary outcomes as well as the feasibility, acceptability, and sustainability of the intervention will be examined. The K23 Award will support the necessary coursework, mentorship, and experiential learning in community-based participatory research, the design and implementation of intervention studies, analysis of longitudinal data, an