The UC Fit-Exercise Physiology Research Laboratory, part of the Airway & Exercise Physiology Research Laboratory, promotes a prevention model of wellness, focused on forestalling disease progression through the enhancement of health and fitness practices. Recently, the lab was distinguished as part of the Exercise is Medicine® on-campus recognition program through the American College of Sports Medicine, together whose vision is to create a campus culture that embraces physical activity and exercise as a daily facet of life and views it as essential for long-term health and wellness. Health-fitness assessments include: (1) aerobic performance; (2) pulmonary function; (3) body composition; (4) muscle performance; (5) functional movement screen; (6) total energy expenditure; (7) sleep quality; (8) cardiovascular health risk & HRV; (9) posture; (10) performance tracking; (11) consultation for exercise program development.

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Last updated
September 27, 2023