Podcast on Healthcare on Air by Verizon, with Arash Naeim

"One of the bedrock principles in doing research is equity,"  shared CTSI co-director Arash Naeim, MD, PhD, during an interview on the Healthcare on Air by Verizon podcast to discuss the ways in which technology innovation is reshaping the healthcare landscape. The podcast was recorded at ViVE 2024, a digital health-driven event, that occurred February 25-28 in Los Angeles.

Joined by Medell Briggs-Malonson, MD, MPH, Chief of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion for the UCLA Health System and Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine, and Verizon's Robin Goldsmith and Ned Chini, the conversation touched on a range of topics including patient diversity in clinical trials, big data and AI, and more.

Listen to the two featured episodes:

Image caption: (left to right) Medell Briggs-Malonson, Arash Naeim, Robin Goldsmith and Ned Chini

Image source: Healthcare on Air by Verizon