How to Establish Third-Party UCLA Health Data Agreements

UCLA Health faculty members may establish Third-Party Health Data Agreements with any for-profit or not-for-profit entity outside UCLA Health. The agreements allow faculty members to partner with third parties and share UCLA health data for projects that have the potential to improve human health and benefit society.

UCLA Health defines Health Data as:

Any information pertaining to the health, care, and treatment of UCLA Health patients or health plan members which:

  1. results in a report used in treatment or monitoring of a patient;
  2. generates a claim or a bill for services that are provided; and/or
  3. is used for operations, financial management, population health activities or quality metrics.

To ask questions related to health data, please contact the UCLA Health Data Oversight Committee.

To get information about contracts and agreements, please see visit UCLA’s Technology Development Group website.

Before Starting the Process to Establish a Third-Party Health Data Agreement

Collaborators should be able to explain:

  • What are the amount of data, types of data, and the sources of data needed?
  • How the data will be used?

Prior to submission, please review the Third Party Health Data Agreements – Mandated Contract Terms document for details regarding the terms a third party must agree to prior to contract approval. A third party is defined as any for profit or not for profit entity. See an example data agreement form.

Get Started

Process diagram for third party health data agreements involving UCLA faculty

Third-Party Data Governance

UCLA Health established a Health Data Oversight Committee to ensure strategic and responsible third-party data sharing.

The committee advises the Vice-Chancellor on data sharing and evaluates requests to ensure they offer direct or indirect public benefits and also uphold justice, trust, collaboration, and commitment to university missions and policies.

Health Data Oversight Committee (HDOC) Charter and Membership 

The Data Strategy and Governance Committee recommends the approval or denial proposed data releases based on (a) their potential to advance the mission of UCLA Health Sciences and (b) the significance of any risks that the data release poses to UCLA Health Sciences or its mission.