Progress Report diagram

Only complete this section for renewal applications. The progress report is comprised of the following sections. Organize the report in the following order and each section should have the specified title listed. Once complete, combine them into a single Progress Report PDF.

  1. Program Overview (5 pages maximum)
  2. Progress of Those Appointed to the Grant (1 page per trainee)

Program Overview

Summarize the program's progress and accomplishments in the period since the last competitive review. 

  • Provide a timeframe for which period the information will cover, encompassing the timespan since the last competitive review
  • Begin with a general overview of the program's accomplishments during the renewal timeframe
  • Address major challenges and describe actions to mitigate their impact
  • Focus on elements specific to the training program (not general opportunities available to all UCLA trainees)
  • Describe how funds provided under Training Related Expenses were used to benefit the program
  • Reference and translate information from Data Table 7 and Table 8 including an explanation for any unfilled trainee positions, early terminations, or difference in appointed vs. awarded position distribution
  • Describe efforts to increase diversity
  • List workshops or seminars sponsored by the program, including:
    • Workshop/seminar titles
    • Speakers’ names
    • Relevance to the program’s theme/training objectives
  • State whether or not you are using Individual Development Plans (IDPs); if so:
    • Describe how IDPs were used to help manage the trainees work and career development
    • Do not include actual IDPs or blank IDP forms
    • Note for AHRQ Trainees: IDPs/information about IDPs is NOT required – instead refer to information that is included elsewhere in the application (Program Plan or outcomes described in Data Tables) but do not duplicate redundant data

Request a Template for Workshops/Seminars: Contact

Page Limit: 5 pages maximum

Section Format: Section header: “Program Overview”

Progress of Those Appointed to the Grant

Provide an individual summary of each trainees' training progress from the period covered since the last competitive review. Include the following information as applicable:

  • Degrees working toward or received
  • Mentor(s)
  • Description of the trainee’s research project and progress
  • Career development activities (e.g. individualized coursework or workshops attended)
  • Conference presentations
  • A description of the trainee’s contribution to any planned or published papers resulting from research conducted while supported by this award (e.g. designed or conducted experiment, analyzed data, drafted paper)
  • Honors, awards, fellowships, and any other support received during the period of training
  • Note: Support before and after the appointment is reported in the Data Tables and should not be reported here

Do not include the following anywhere in the application unless otherwise specified in the FOA. Applications that include any of these materials will be withdrawn and not reviewed.

  • Biosketches of current or former trainees/scholars
  • Any sensitive personally identifiable information, such as photographs or any other individual demographic information
  • Actual IDPs or blank IDP forms
  • Promotional material for workshops, seminars, or other events (flyers, agendas, etc.)
  • Course syllabi
  • Program brochures

Note: A MyBibliography report of publications arising from work conducted by trainees while supported by the training grant is not required in the application. However, it will be collected in the Interim Final Research Performance Progress.

Request a Template for Progress of Those Appointed to the Grant: Contact

Page Limit: 1 page maximum per appointee/trainee

Section Format: Section header: “Progress of Those Appointed to the Grant”

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