b. Program Faculty diagram

Program Faculty is a sub-section of the 25-page Program Plan’s “B. Program Plan” component. This section expands on Table 2 to illustrate that the proposed program has an appropriate number of mentors with sufficient experience, expertise, and funding to support trainees’ research activities.

Demonstrate the following:

  • Mentors have strong records as researchers including recent publications, relevant funding, etc.
  • Mentors have strong records of training students at the proposed levels (pre-/post-docs), translating into trainees generating publishable research results
  • How trainees will participate in ongoing research projects with their mentors
  • A clearly defined collaborative relationship between mentor and trainee regarding joint publications, sponsorship of student research, etc.
  • That mentors have prior training experience and relevant active research to the proposed focus area
    • Diversity considerations no longer include career stage or scientific background
  • Criteria to evaluate, appoint, and remove faculty as needed

Note: Ensure that a substantial number of mentors have active research projects for trainees to participate on.

Data Table References

Incorporate the following into the "B. Program Plan" > "b. Program Faculty" section of your Program Plan. Learn more about Data Tables on the Data Table Support webpage.

Table 2. Participating Faculty Members

  • Demonstrate sufficient number of faculty with appropriate level of expertise

Table 4. Research Support of Participating Faculty Members

  • Demonstrate appropriate ongoing projects for trainee participation
  • Analyze data in terms of total and average grant support
  • Comment on inclusion of faculty without research grant support, and explain how the research of trainees who may work with these faculty members would be supported

Table 5A/B. Publications of Those in Training

  • Demonstrate that mentors have proven track records in training researchers that contribute meaningfully to the scientific body of knowledge 
  • Provide evidence that recent graduates of mentor's trainees conducted rigorous research advancing scientific knowledge and/or technologies, with increasing self-direction
    • Summarize these data, including, for example, the average number of publications, and how many trainees have published their work
  • Indicate how many trainees are published as first author and provide an explanation if available for trainees who completed their doctoral or postdoctoral training without any first-author publications
  • New Applications Only: List publications for trainees' representative of those who would be appointed if the grant is awarded

Page Limit: Must fit within the Program Plan’s 25 page maximum. About 5 pages.

Format: Section header: “B. Program Plan” | Subsection header: “b. Program Faculty”

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