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Biomedical Informatics Program

BIP  enhances researchers’ access to high-quality patient data, facilitates reproducible data-driven science via the FAIR results repository, and translates data science and AI methods into practice. 

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Biostatistics, epidemiology and research design

Biostatistics, Epidemiology, and Research Design

BERD provides broad access to professional biostatistical collaboration to ensure high-quality research.


Get Out the Vaccine (GOTV) rally

Community Engagement and Research Program

CERP identifies and researches public health priorities towards the goal of improving health equity in Los Angeles County through community partnerships.


integrating special populations

Integrating Special Populations

ISP works to catalyze and strengthen research in special populations; services include advice on study design and intense mentoring to improve the quality of research and thoughtful recruitment/retention activities.

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Network Capacity Program

Network Capacity

Provides the infrastructure for participation in national collaborations while contributing to the transformation of the conduct of multisite clinical trials.

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Participant and Clinical Interactions Program (PCI)

Patient and Clinical Interactions

PCI ensures that clinical research at the UCLA CTSI partner sites is performed safely, efficiently and reliably. PCI also mentors and oversees role-based clinical education and assists with staff performance assessments.

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Pilot Translational and Clinical Studies

Pilot Translational and Clinical Studies

The Pilot program provides seed funding for collaborative research, team-building activities and development of novel technologies and approaches.

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Population Health Program

Population Health Program

The Pop Health program equips health agencies with the skills that they need to introduce and sustain the practice and application of critical translational science method.

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Precision Health Program

Precision Health Program

Develops the necessary processes and infrastructure to bring genomic information into the clinical realm.

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Regulatory Knowledge and Support

Regulatory Knowledge and Support Program

RKS ensures that research is in full regulatory compliance and meets the highest quality assurance standards. It offers ethics and regulatory compliance guidance and consultation.

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Team Science Program

Team Science Program

The program develops new theoretical and evidence-based tools to improve and evaluate the capacity of interdisciplinary and translational science teams to effectively combine teams diverse expertise.

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Biostatistics, epidemiology and research design

Workforce Development Program

Housing most of our education and training activities, WDP ensures CTSI trainees acquire the core competencies needed to conduct multidisciplinary research and to integrate community priorities.

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