10-Page Institutional Support Letter

Typically required for training grants, this letter should describe and commit resources ensuring the success of the training program and trainees. This letter should include:

  • UCLA’s culture of advancing scientific rigor, reproducibility, and responsible conduct of research
  • Sufficient resources to support training faculty and trainees on campus
  • Descriptions of core facilities and technology, and how they will be used to enhance the program
  • Assurances of adequate staff, facilitates, and educational resources for faculty and trainee productivity
  • Protected time and consideration of PDs/PIs and other key staff’s planning and implementation efforts in promotion and tenure considerations
  • Promotion of diversity and inclusion at all levels of the program to create a safe, accessible, and inclusive environment to individuals from all backgrounds  
  • Strong policies to prevent discriminatory practices or harassment, and to appropriately respond to all allegations of discrimination 
  • The promotion of trainee safety in research facilities and laboratory practices as it relates to:
    • Safe and healthful working conditions
    • Fostering work environments conducive to high-quality research
  • Support for evaluation of the program and responses to evaluation findings 

Request a Letter: Contact GSUTraining@mednet.ucla.edu for a template letter on behalf of applicants within the David Geffen School of Medicine.

Page Limit: 10 pages maximum

Other Letters of Support

  • If allowed by the funding mechanism, a training grant may include additional letters that demonstrate further organizational or partner commitments as long as they do not duplicate information from the institutional support letter.