Precision health has the potential to revolutionize patients' lives. Nonetheless, the challenge of extending genetic findings to a wide range of populations is a significant hurdle. The Precision Health Program is dedicated to establishing the necessary infrastructure for involving diverse populations in research. Our goal is to seamlessly integrate precision health discoveries and advancements, ensuring that they have a clinical impact that benefits everyone.

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Request Genomic Data
De-identified clinical and genotype data from UCLA ATLAS Community Health Initiative patients are available for researchers upon request at no cost
Get answers to questions about accessing genomic data and the UCLA ATLAS Community Health Initiative

The UCLA ATLAS Community Health Initiative stands as an exceptional and diverse repository of clinical and genomic data from patients within the UCLA Health system. More than 260,000 individuals have successfully completed the consent process, and of those, over 66% have opted in. To date, over 100,000 samples have been collected and genetic data are made available to UCLA approved researchers through cloud-based platforms. Learn more about data requests.

For identified data, view the Data and Informatics Tools available through UCLA CTSI to determine the services and consultations for your research.


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Program Aims

Aim 1. Increase enrollment of underrepresented populations into the At Los Angeles (ATLAS) precision health biobank

  • Together with CERP, engage the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services (DHS) to increase enrollment of underrepresented populations in ATLAS.
  • With Hub partners, establish best practices for engaging individuals of limited health literacy in research.
  • With ISP and the Watts Rising Collaborative, develop and pilot an electronic pediatric assent process.

Aim 2. Develop educational materials and make recommendations for the disclosure of genetic results

  • Engage stakeholders to inform development of a framework for meaningful communication of genetic finding.
  • Develop and pilot methods to enhance provider understanding of clinically relevant genetic information.
  • Evaluate outcomes of the disclosure process to identify patient, clinician and system-level factors.

Aim 3. Disseminate tools and knowledge

  • Piloting a risk-based cancer screening program that will focus on germline variation in the BRCA family of genes across four separate diseases and piloting ROR across our Hub partners, which represent different populations, and creating methods for providers and patients to interpret these appropriately.
  • In partnership with other CTSA hubs (UC Davis, University of Colorado), establish a working group to explore adaptation of these best practices across different health systems and health conditions. These results and developed products will be shared across the CTSA consortium.

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For Precision Health questions, please contact the below personnel.

Maryam Ariannejad
Program Manager

Precision Health Leadership

Paul Boutros2

Paul Boutros, PhD

Precision Health Program Leader, Biomedical Informatics Program Investigator
Lin, Henry

Henry Lin, MD

Pilot Translational and Clinical Studies Program Co-Leader, Precision Health Program Co-Leader

Precision Health Staff

Precision Health Investigators

Vadgama, Jaydutt

Jaydutt Vadgama, PhD

Pilot Translational and Clinical Studies Program Co-Leader, Precision Health Program Co-Leader
Arleen Brown

Arleen Brown, MD, PhD

Clinical and Translational Science Institute Co-Director, Community Engagement and Research Program Leader
Alex Bui

Alex Bui, PhD

Clinical & Translational Science Institute Senior Associate Director, Biomedical Informatics Program Leader, Network Capacity Program Co-Leader, TL1 Director
Arash Naeim

Arash Naeim, MD, PhD

Clinical & Translational Science Institute Co-Director, Senior Associate Director (Clinical Research), Network Capacity Program Leader, Participant and Clinical Interactions Program Leader, Regulatory Knowledge and Support Program Leader