CTSI – UCLA Anesthesia Perioperative Center of Excellence (COE) Collaboration

The Department of Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine (DAPM), in collaboration with CTSI and the UCLA Office of Health Informatics and Analytics (OHIA) has developed and maintains a Perioperative Data Warehouse (PDW). The PDW is a custom-built, SQL-based data warehouse that extracts key data from EPIC (UCLA's electronic medical record) and organizes it into a user-accessible format in a highly validated and structured way. This infrastructure has been peer reviewed as well as implemented at some partner institutions.

The PDW contains over 4,000 distinct measures and metrics from across the perioperative period that have been independently validated by practicing clinicians. These data have been leveraged by the DAPM, as well as other departments at UCLA, for use in a variety of purposes including:

  • Clinical decision support projects
  • Retrospective studies using data from our data warehouse
  • Understanding and improving the accuracy of data from the EMR
  • Predictive analytics and machine learning
  • Automated clinical trails

In addition to supplying data extracts the DAPM and CTSI have arranged to make a deidentified version of the PDW available through the OHIA sponsored Discovery Data Repository (DDR).

More information on the PDW as well as DAPM research activities can be found at the Division of Informatics at UCLA. Please contact us with any additional questions or for access to PDW documentation and instructional videos to understand the schema in DDR.

Contact: Dr. Theodora Wingert, assistant clinical professor in the divisions of pediatric anesthesiology, bioinformatics and analytics and department of anesthesiology & perioperative medicine at UCLA.