Highlights of the UCLA CTRC

Without Walls (WoW) Services
Allows researchers to collaborate with CTRC (mobile services, weekend hours, and more)
CTRC Vouchers
Assists non-profit studies with limited funding by contributing services necessary to achieve their research goals
Parking Program
CTRC offers study teams the opportunity to provide parking accommodations at the UCLA for easy access

Services and Rates

The mission of the CTRC Nutrition Research Core (NRC) is to provide specialized nutrition resources and services to CTSI investigators in the planning and implementation of studies with metabolic and nutritional considerations. 

Nutrition research expertise and assistance are available for clinical research protocols that might be either studying the effects of nutrition or may need to control for nutrition.

The NRC supports a wide variety of research services for investigators requiring metabolic kitchen services and research dietitian expertise, including but not limited to:

  1. Consultation services in the planning stages of the nutrition component of protocol development, grant and manuscript preparation.
  2. Development of specialized diets in our own metabolic kitchen, with independent chemical analyses by outside laboratory available to verify accuracy of diets prepared.
  3. Meal services ranging from regular, unrestricted diets for study participants to individualized, metabolic balance diets providing exact nutrient precision. A fully equipped metabolic kitchen staffed with trained dietary staff is located in CHS.
  4. Dietary assessments, nutrition counseling and participant education.
  5. Customized nutrient analyses of diets using state of the art software, including Pronutra and Food Processor.
  6. Anthropometric measures and metabolic testing (measurement of resting energy expenditure by indirect calorimetry).
  7. A research training site for dietetic interns, graduate nutrition students, and post-doctoral individuals interested in human nutrition research.

Services are offered on a cost-sharing or cost-recovery basis.

For additional information, please contact
Patricia Jardack, MS,RDN, 310-825-5768pjardack@mednet.ucla.edu

CTRC is a clinical research facility that services UCLA investigators. We are a hospital-licensed facility and are a free-standing clinic located in the Center for Health Sciences.
We provide a wide range of services, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Research dietician.  Can assist with protocol-defined meal requests, biometrics, and diet analysis.
  • Routine nursing care. Vital signs, ECGs, IV placement.
  • Investigational Product Administration. Infusions, injections, oral medications, inhaled medications, etc.
    1. Chemotherapy administration by ONS certified nurses
    2. Human Gene Therapy administration –IBC core facility
  • Blood sampling. Venipuncture, timed samples, pharmacokinetics.
  • Assistance with Procedures. Bronchoscopy, flexible sigmoidoscopy, muscle biopsy, sedation.
  • After hours care. Generally available one night each week for after hours needs.
  • Mobile nursing. CTRC staff can travel to inpatient units, other outpatient units, Santa Monica clinics and the inpatient hospital, and upper campus facilities.
  • Research nurse practitioners. Available to assist with consenting, orders, history and physicals, and procedures.

In some instances, our CTRC Without Walls (WoW) Service Line may be a more appropriate choice for the clinical trial.  For any questions, please email CTRCServices.


This program is dedicated to furthering research in the health system by providing dedicated, research-trained RN’s who will perform the research activities of the inpatient stay or outpatient visit. This allows the bedside or unit nurses to care for the patients’ routine and clinical needs, as well as their other patients. Mobile staff are available for both UCLA hospitals and outpatient areas plus areas of campus within certain limitations.

For additional information, please contact the UCLA CTRC, 310-825-5225.

RNP services include:

  • Consenting
  • Inclusion/exclusion criteria
  • Clearance for dosing of investigational product
  • Order entry for inpatient or outpatient trials
  • Managing adverse reactions
  • Performing blinded observations or procedures
  • Performing procedures such as skin biopsies, lumbar punctures, or other issues.

For other tasks within scope of practice, please call the UCLA CTRC with questions at 310-825-5225.