Set-Up a Multi-site Study

Investigators at UCLA, Cedars-Sinai, Charles R. Drew University, and Lundquist/Harbor-UCLA have the opportunity to conduct a multi-site study with the Clinical and Translational Research Centers (CTRCs). The Trial Innovation Network (TIN) provides a TIN Liaison to support investigators to consider the initiation or successful conduct of multi-site clinical trials and studies. The TIN Liaison, located at UCLA, can help you connect with local experts, obtain TIN services, and facilitate individual consultations with TIN experts.

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 Trial Innovation Network

Multi-site Studies with the UCLA CTSI

Project Title Collaborative sites Local PI(s)
Populations Underrepresented in Mental Illness Association Studies “PUMAS” Study Lundquist/Harbor & UCLA Juliana Gomez-Makhinson (Harbor), Nelson B. Freimer (UCLA)
Candida Invasion of Endothelium and Virulence Lundquist/Harbor & Cedars-Sinai Scott Filler (Harbor), Lena Heung (Cedars-Sinai)
A Randomized Controlled Trial of Thyroid Hormone Supplementation in Hemodialysis Patients Lundquist/Harbor & VA Greater Los Angeles Joel Kopple (Harbor), Connie Rhee (VA)
Plant-Focused Nutrition in Patients with Diabetes and Chronic Kidney Disease Lundquist/Harbor & VA Greater Los Angeles Kamyar Kalantar-Zadeh (Harbor), Connie Rhee (VA)
Iron Uptake and Mucormycosis Pathogenesis Lundquist/Harbor & Cedars-Sinai Ashraf Ibrahim (Harbor), Lena Heung (Cedars)
Effect of Paired vs Unpaired Breast Feeding and Maternal BMI on Milk Composition Lundquist/Harbor & Cedars-Sinai Michael Ross (Harbor), Caroline Gibson (Cedars)