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Undergraduate Science Journal (USJ)

The UCLA Undergraduate Science Journal is an annual print publication which showcases research and review articles written by UCLA students. From start to finish, journal production is led by an undergraduate staff consisting of reviewers, editors, and layout editors. All journal articles are peer reviewed and edited by undergraduates selected from diverse science backgrounds.

Each year, USJ staff members are honored with a certificate awarded by Vice Provost Judith Smith at an annual banquet. In addition, Executive Board members and the most outstanding research and review articles also receive the Vice Provost Award of Excellence.

If you are interested in browsing through a past issue of the UCLA Undergraduate Science Journal, several copies are available at the UCLA College and Bio-Med libraries, the Honors Office, the Pre-Professional Advising Office, and the offices of the undergraduate science counselors. A sampling of articles from previous editions is below.

Research Articles

Review Articles

Undergraduate Research Poster Day

Powell Undergraduate Research Week showcases and celebrates student research in the humanities, arts, and social sciences. Open to all UCLA undergraduates engaged in humanities, arts, and social sciences research, the week provides opportunities for students to present their research to the campus and broader community. Undergraduate Research Week also includes Research Poster Day, sponsored in part by the CTSI, for students in the life sciences, physical sciences. and engineering.

CTSI-RAP students present posters on their undergraduate research at the sessions. See posters presented by CTSI-RAP students.


Undergraduate Research Center - Sciences

Student editors: usjucla@gmail.com

Advisor: Dr. Tama Hasson
Assistant Vice Provost for Undergraduate Research
Director, Undergraduate Research Center – Sciences
Adjunct Associate Professor, Integrative Biology & Physiology Department