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Our Vision

The UCLA Clinical and Translational Research Center (UCLA CTRC) supports and supervises human clinical trials in all therapeutic areas and within all age groups, including gene and cell therapy studies, and Phase 1 and first-in-human clinical trials. At the CTRC, we are dedicated to meeting the requirements of researchers and collaborating with investigators and staff to provide assistance to each study. We prioritize our work in clinical and translational science, which involves working with and meeting the needs of our community in Los Angeles.


Healthcare Connection

UCLA CTRC Leadership

Federman, Noah

Noah Federman, MD

Participant and Clinical Interactions Program Leader, Workforce Development Program Investigator

UCLA CTRC Research Staff

Our UCLA CTRC staff includes:

  • full-time RNs CITI-trained in clinical research and also certified in ACLS, PALS, and chemotherapy administration
  • nurse practitioners available to assist study teams with obtaining informed consent, writing, and signing orders, clinical evaluations, or protocol-derived procedures
  • medical assistant
  • registered dietician
  • administrative support staff to assist with budgets, billing, and coordination of appointments