This table demonstrates UCLA’s research funding environment and confirms mentors have available funds to support trainee research projects. Mentors must have appropriate and active research to support potential future trainees. 

Overall Instructions

  • List participating faculty in alphabetical order by last name.

  • Only include grants that are relevant to the proposed application where the faculty member is the PD/PI or Project/Core Lead. Exclude:

    • Institutional research training grants

    • Institutional career development grants

    • Research education grants

    • Applications pending review

    • Administrative/competitive supplements

    • Awards in no-cost extension status

  • For multi-project grant or cooperative agreements (P-series grants, U54s, etc.), only list information for the component for which the participating faculty member is responsible.

  • In 2020, the NIH revised Table 4 guidelines with the aim of fixing overstated annual direct costs for multi-PI, year, and component awards:

    • If possible, contact fund managers to collect current year direct costs for each award.

    • If a fund manager is not available, divide the total year direct cost evenly between all of the award’s Multi-PIs and/or Project Leads.

    • For multi-component awards, only report costs associated with the subproject(s) for which the faculty member is responsible.

  • Calculating Totals Correctly: It is recommended that the final average calculation occur after mentors are finalized and current year direct costs are verified to ensure overlaps are accounted for correctly. Enter the final amount in bold.

  • Page Limit: None. For more information visit our FAQs.

Summarize Table 4 data in the Research Training Program Plan's narrative Program Faculty subsection. Highlight the total and average grant support reflected in the table and explain how trainees would work with any faculty who have no funding listed on this table.

Helpful Hints

Maximize Research Funding

  • Participating faculty must have sufficient ongoing research to support a trainee's research. It is recommended that you minimize the number of faculty without any current grant funding and maximize the Average Grant Support per Participating Faculty Member. If the average is low, consider adjusting your participating faculty to increase this number while still ensuring that each participating faculty adds value to the grant.
  • If two PIs, who are both participating faculty, claim the same grant but have slightly different grant totals, contact their fund managers to get each of their current year direct costs. Sometimes costs can be slightly different for PIs based on supplements, etc. Always strive to get the average amount as accurate as you can. 
  • Example: Dr. Zhao does not have any applicable active funding, so he was removed from the grant. Dr. John and Dr. Patel are both Project Leads on the same grant, so the submission team reached out to their fund managers to determine their appropriate division of funding.

Guidance by Column

  1. Faculty Member. Last Name, First Name and Middle Initial
  2. Funding Source. Use the following allowable options
    1. AHRQ
    2. Foundation (Fdn)
    3. NIH
    4. None
    5. NSF
    6. Other – specify in parenthesis
    7. Other Federal (Other Fed)
    8. University (Univ)
  3. Grant Number. Provide the full grant number, if applicable, for currently active grants at the time of submission
  4. Role on Project. Use the following allowable options; do not include co-investigator roles
    1. PD/PI
    2. MPI

    3. Project Lead/Project PI, Core Lead, or Site PI (multi-component projects) 

  5. Grant Title. Include the full grant title
  6. Project Period. Entire project period in the format MM/YYYY-MM/YYYY
  7. Current Year Direct Costs. For the current budget period only

Renewals Only / xTRACT Users: xTRACT will automatically populate the proper grant numbers, direct cost calculations, and total sum based on the requirements listed above. Please verify these calculations with fund managers to ensure accuracy.

Sample Table 4

Note: Follow NIH formatting guidelines – this is a visual demonstration and does not reflect NIH formatting or accurate information/data.

Table 4. Research Support of Participating Faculty Members

Table 3 example

Calculation Guidance: 

*Drs. Doe and Patel are both Project Leads on the same grant. To calculate the Current Years Direct Cost, reach out to their fund managers to determine their appropriate division of funding.

**Drs. Kahn and Smith are MPIs on the same grant. The total direct cost was $257,985, so this cost was divided between the 2 PIs in column 7.


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