g. Qualifications of Trainee Candidates and Admissions and Completion Records diagram

Qualifications of Trainee Candidates and Admissions and Completion Records is a sub-section of the 25-page Program Plan’s “B. Program Plan” component. Justify the number of positions requested and demonstrate that trainees will be productive in terms of future research accomplishments and careers.

  • Describe how productive trainees will be in completing your program, including:
    • Ability to recruit and retain trainees through the completion of their training
    • Selectivity of the admissions process
    • Successes in recruiting individuals from diverse backgrounds (sync information from Section C. Recruitment Plan to Enhance Diversity within the main Program Plan)
  • Discuss the quality and depth of the applicant pools, including:
    • Training-grant eligible and non-training-grant eligible individuals
    • The competitiveness of the program
    • The characteristics of current program participants, referring to data in Table 6A/B as applicable
  • Provide a summary of Table 7 (for renewals) and Table 8A/C referring to specific data to support your narrative.

Data Table References

Incorporate the following into the "B. Program Plan" > "b. Program Faculty" section of your Program Plan. Learn more about Data Tables on the Data Table Support webpage.

Table 6. Applicants, Entrants, and their Characteristics for the Past Five Years

  • Describe the characteristics of current program participants, such as:
    • Total applicant pool 
    • Amount of full time research experience (pre-docs), total publications (post-docs), or first author publications (post-docs) prior to entering their current department
    • Prior institutions 
    • Percent of underrepresented groups

Table 7. Appointments to the Training Grant for Each Year of the Current Project Period (Renewals Only)

  • Describe how many training positions were filled and provide an explanation for:
    • Trainee positions left unfilled
    • Early termination of a trainee position 
    • Any difference in the distribution of appointed vs. awarded positions (i.e. explain any early terminations of trainees)
  • Renewals Only: Provide a summary of Table 7, referring to specific data to support your narrative from the items referenced above, plus:
    • Discuss selectivity of appointments to the training grant
    • If applicable, explain why any post-doctoral trainee with a health professional degree was appointed for less than 2 years

Table 8A/C. Program Outcomes

  • Describe how training positions are/will be used and the program’s potential success in achieving its objectives (i.e. distribution by mentor, year in program, years of support per trainee)
  • New Applications: Focus on summarizing Table 8A/8C Part III to extrapolate the proposed program’s effectiveness based on recent graduates from participating departments.
  • Renewals Only: Describe how successful the training grant graduates have been in achieving scientific careers, including:
    • Research positions in academia, government or other research venues
    • Honors, awards, or patents
    • Grants (subsequent to completion of the training program)
    • Noteworthy publications
    • Rate of PhD attainment

Page Limit: Must fit within the Program Plan’s 25 page maximum. About 1 page.

Format: Section header: “B. Program Plan” | Subsection header: “g. Qualifications of Trainee Candidates and Admission and Completion Records”

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