e. Trainee Candidates diagram

Trainee Candidates is a subsection of the 25-page Program Plan's “B. Program Plan” component. Use specifics from Table 6A/B to illustrate that you will be able to successfully recruit from a competitive pool of well-qualified candidates in appropriate numbers and levels. Include, in general terms, the following:

  • Size and qualifications of trainee candidate pool (including prior clinical and research training and career level required for the program)
  • Specific plans to recruit candidates and how these plans will be implemented (see C. Recruitment Plan to Enhance Diversity)
  • The nomination and selection process to select new trainees and criteria for trainees’ reappointment
    • Identification and recruitment strategies from diverse variety of institution types
  • Plans to engage trainees in research career development, mentoring, and skills development

  • Transition plans ensuring trainees are supported in various career options

  • Summarize the following overall data from Table 6A/B:
    • Numbers of potential trainees
    • Trainee credentials
    • Trainee characteristics
    • Trainee eligibility for support
    • Enrollment trends

Page Limit: Must fit within the Program Plan’s 25 page maximum. About 1 page.

Format: Section header: “B. Program Plan” | Subsection header: “e. Trainee Candidates”

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