d. Training Program Evaluation diagram

Training Program Evaluation is a sub-section of the 25-page Program Plan's “B. Program Plan” component. Describe a rigorous evaluation plan to monitor for and assess the quality and effectiveness of the program. This plan should include:

  • Direct feedback from current and former trainees to identify and find solutions for areas of improvement  
  • Metrics tied to program goals
  • Stated plans to assess career development and progression of trainees (publications, degree completion, post-training positions, etc.)
  • Renewals Only: Discuss evaluation results and whether program has been modified based on those results

Request additional evaluation guidance: Contact Pamela Davidson, CTSI Evaluation Leader, at PDavidson@mednet.ucla.edu.

Page Limit: Must fit within the Program Plan’s 25 page maximum. About 1 page.

Format: Section header: “B. Program Plan” | Subsection header: “d. Training Program Evaluation”

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