f. Institutional Environment and Commitment to Training diagram

Institutional Environment and Commitment to Training is a sub-section of the 25-page Program Plan’s “B. Program Plan” component. Demonstrate how the participating schools are an exemplary environment to prepare for a career in research science, and that there is appropriate institutional commitment from UCLA and participating departments to ensure a successful program. This can include but is not limited to:

  • Research facilities and programs
  • Shared laboratory facilities and equipment
  • Funds for curriculum development
  • Release time for the PD/PI and participating faculty
  • Support for additional trainees in the program
  • Any other creative ways to improve the environment for the establishment and growth of the research training program
  • Note: This description should not substantially overlap with information included in the Facilities and Other Resources documentation.

If applicable, differentiate this new program from other training programs on campus, including:

  • What distinguishes this program from existing training programs at the same trainee level at UCLA
  • How the programs will synergize, if applicable
  • Whether trainees are expected to transition from one support program to another
  • How the training faculty, pool of potential trainees, and resources are sufficiently robust to support the proposed program in addition to existing ones

Page Limit: Must fit within the Program Plan’s 25 page maximum. About 1 page.

Format: Section header: “B. Program Plan” | Subsection header: “f. Institutional Environment and Commitment to Training”

Institutional Support Letter

While the 10-page Institutional Support Letter is described in this subsection, the letter itself does not count toward the Program Plan’s overall 25-page limit. Learn more about the Institutional Support Letter on this webpage

Request an Institutional Support Letter: Contact GSUTraining@mednet.ucla.edu for a template letter.

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