Population health research recognizes that many factors influence disease development, progression, treatment and inequities across the life course. However, health outcomes only improve when delivery systems implement effective, sustainable clinical and social interventions that are accessible by all who need them. The Population Health Program builds the capability of scientists, health care and public health systems to integrate research and clinical care to solve population health problems.

Services & Tools

Dissemination, Implementation and Improvement Science Program (DII)
DII science can bring health innovations to practice through the development of evidence-based strategies that facilitate quality improvement, organizational change within health systems, and policy implementation
Career Studios and Mentoring
“Career studios” and mentoring is offered to population-focused clinician scientists in UCLA Health and the LA County Health Agency who will use novel methods but are not in traditional K and R career pathways

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Program Aims

Aim 1. Build capability in scientific methods suitable for solving complex problems in health care and public health systems

  • Enhance methodological expertise
  • Galvanize interest in Dissemination, Implementation and Improvement (DII) methods applied to population health problems

Aim 2. Apply systems science, artificial intelligence and causal inference methods to population health problems

  • Apply modeling to population health problems
  • Build learning system capability in health systems and public sector agencies to solve population health problems

Contact Us

For Population Health questions, please contact the below personnel.

Moira Inkelas, Ph.D., M.P.H., M. Phil.
Program Leader

Population Health Leadership

Nuckols, Teryl

Teryl Nuckols, MD

Population Health Program Co-Leader, Investigating Special Populations Program Investigator, Workforce Development Program Other Significant Contributor

Population Health Investigators

Population Health Staff

Contributors and Advisors

Other Significant Contributors

  • Brian Mittman
    Consultant, Department of Medicine and Kaiser Permanente Southern California
    Kaiser Permanente
  • Louis Gomez
    Professor, Deptartment of Education, UCLA
  • Roch Nianogo
    Assistant Professor, Dept. Epidemiology, UCLA

Other Significant Contributors who are Health Agency Leaders

  • Paul Simon
    Chief Science Officer/Adjunct Professor, Department of Epidemiology, Health Agency-DPH/UCLA


  • Christopher Saigal
    Director, UCLA Quality Measurement and Improvement Committee (QMIC), UCLA Health
  • Samuel Skootsky
    Chief Medical Officer, Faculty Practice Group; Director of Accountable Care and Population Health for UCLA Health and University of California, UCLA Health