The Biobehavioral Research Core (BRC) at Cedars-Sinai assists in all aspects of behavioral testing in rodents, including the execution of behavioral tests, experimental design development, as well as analysis and interpretation of data. The BRC employs a modern suite of testing equipment and methodologies, to address a wide range of behavioral testing domains, including: sensory and motor function, cognition, affective behavior, social behavior, pain, and stereotype/repetitive behavior. In addition, powerful user-directed and automated software packages are available to track and analyze animal behavior in real-time or from pre-recorded video files.

The BRC offers multiple services for the assessment of rodent behavior: (1) Comprehensive testing service: BRC expert staff conducts the behavioral testing and provides the organized data to the investigator; (2) Testing assistance service: BRC expert staff works in collaboration with client to help with behavioral testing and data organization; (3) Training service: our staff provides training and/or direct supervision to the investigator’s laboratory staff. At completion trainees are issued a training certificate detailing the steps to full proficiency; (4) Facility and/or equipment use service: the investigator’s laboratory staff uses BRC facilities and/or testing equipment. This service requires that the client study staff complete adequate training (provided by BRC staff) and obtain a training certificate of full proficiency. BRC staff will provide indirect supervision; (5) Custom method development and data analysis: BRC staff will work with clients to develop customized testing methods to address the unique characteristics of their rodent disease models or research questions. BRC also offers data analysis services, including assistance with interpretation of results. 

Please visit the BRC website for a complete list of available services, instrumentation, and detailed information about data processing and analyses.

For more information, please visit this site.

Last updated
September 27, 2023