The Bioimaging and Immunotherapeutics Research Core provides four major resources to researchers: (1) the BD Calibur flow cytometer facility, which employs a dual-laser (argon and helium-neon), 4-color FACS Calibur flow cytometer and cell sorter to facilitate the molecular and physiological examination of individual cells and enable collection of living cells for further study; (2) the IVIS Lumina II system, a high- sensitivity, in vivo imaging technology platform that enables non-invasive visualization of both bioluminescent and fluorescent signals, tracking of cellular and therapeutic activities within a living organism in real time, and detection of signals from tissue, petri dishes, and microtiter plates; (3) a Luminex multiplex analyzer that utilizes xMAP microsphere technology and has the capability of performing up to 100 assays simultaneously in a single well of a microtiter plate; and (4) a Biotek Synergy 2 multi- mode microplate reader, a combination luminometer-fluorometer-absorbance detector capable of reading 96-well and larger plates that utilizes both filter-based and monochromatic- based light-detection technology.

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Last updated
February 8, 2024