The Biostatistics Shared Resources at Cedars-Sinai is available for biostatistical consulting and related methodological research.  It is recognized as a critical component of the research infrastructure at Cedars-Sinai and serves as a focal point from which institute investigators may draw statistical expertise for planning, management and analysis of their studies. Faculty and staff at the Biostatistics Shared Resource support research in the following ways:

  • Coordinate and manage statistical activities at Cedars-Sinai to ensure that investigators have ready access to statistical consultation and support.
  • Provide statistical expertise in the design of experiments and studies, including research proposal development, sample size determination, randomization procedures and plans for interim reviews and final analysis.
  • Assist with the writing of statistical components of manuscripts.
  • Review the integrity and statistical soundness of all studies involving human subjects.
  • Provide statistical analysis for projects using appropriate statistical and computing methodologies and assist in the interpretation and presentation of results.
  • Interact and collaborate with the Clinical Research Office in the development of protocols and the monitoring and reporting of clinical data.
  • Maintain a computing facility with up-to-date software for statistical analysis to support program project investigators.
  • Conduct biostatistical methodology research on practical problems arising in basic science populational and clinical studies.

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Last updated
February 5, 2024