The Center for Health Advancement provides enhanced analysis and evidence-based information to help policy makers decide which policies and programs can best improve health and reduce health disparities. The Center analyzes a wide range of timely health improvement opportunities, identifying those supported by strong evidence. It presents and disseminates the results of these analyses in plain language to those who make and influence public and private sector policies and programs. The Center also provides training and technical assistance to facilitate implementation of recommended approaches. The Center brings together faculty from multiple Departments of the Fielding School of Public Health and other UCLA Schools with a wide range of subject matter and methodological expertise, including expertise in non-health sectors, such as education, transportation, housing, environmental protection, community planning, agriculture, public welfare, and economics. It has strong collaborations with governmental public health agencies, foundations, academic institutions, and other not-for-profit organizations. Within the health sector, its work is focused on how alternative investments to wasteful expenditures in health care can yield greater returns.

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Last updated
November 20, 2023