Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science (CDU) is a private, nonprofit, community-founded, student-centered University committed to cultivating diverse health professions leaders who are dedicated to social justice and health equity for underserved populations through outstanding education, clinical service and community engagement. CDU is also a leader in health disparities research with a focus on education, training, treatment and care in cancer, diabetes, cardiometabolic and HIV/AIDS. Since the school was incorporated in 1966 out of the ashes of the Watts Riots, it has been serving South Los Angeles and beyond by working to eliminate health disparities and providing unique, quality education and training opportunities. CDU has earned a designation as a minority-serving institution by the U.S. Office for Civil Rights, and is recognized by the Department of Education under Title III B as a Historically Black Graduate Institution. It is one of only four Historically Black Medical Colleges. The University is also a charter member of the Hispanic-Serving Health Professions Schools. CDU has graduated more than 600 physicians, over 1,270 physician assistants and over 1,700 other health professionals, as well as training over 2,700 physician specialists through its sponsored residency programs. Its School of Nursing has graduated over 1,400 nursing professionals, including more than 1,000 family nurse practitioners. CDU is located within the Watts/Willowbrook area of Los Angeles County—one of the most ethnically diverse and socio-economically deprived regions of the country. In fall of 2022, enrolled students were 31% Black or African American, 16% Hispanic or Latino, 14.6% Asian, and 15.7% two or more races. 70% of faculty in fall 2022 were non-white. CDU is therefore one of the most diverse universities nationally in terms of student and faculty diversity.. More than 85 percent of CDU College of Medicine students report that they intend to practice and provide much-needed care in underserved communities following graduation.

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Last updated
November 27, 2023