Established by the Chancellor in the mid-1980s, the Conflict of Interest Review Committee (CIRC) is a peer review panel under the Office of Research Policy and Compliance composed of faculty from a broad cross section of academic disciplines throughout campus. The CIRC is responsible for reviewing personal financial interests disclosed by UCLA researchers, making determinations about whether those outside financial interests constitute conflicts of interest, and making recommendations about how those conflicts of interest can be eliminated, reduced, or managed so that research awards can be accepted and work can commence. In this role, the CIRC serves as the substantive independent review committee required under the State of California Political Reform Act and as the “designated official(s)” required under federal policy/regulation on financial conflicts of interest related to research.

To fulfill its mandate, the CIRC conducts individualized reviews. These reviews take into account factors such as the nature and magnitude of the disclosed financial interest(s), the type of research, and the investigators’ role/responsibilities to identify situations in which financial or other personal considerations may impact the proposed research.

The CIRC is advisory to the Vice Chancellor for Research (VCR). Members are appointed by the Chancellor, generally for three-year terms, and the VCR selects a current member to serve as Chair. If the VCR has a conflict of interest that requires recusal from a particular case, the Vice Chancellor – Academic Personnel will serve instead as the campus official who receives the CIRC’s advice.

For more information, please visit the CIRC webpage.

Last updated
November 17, 2023