The Immune Assessment Core (IAC) is a CLIA certified laboratory that provides comprehensive immunological testing services for basic, clinical, and translational studies. The IAC provides both standardized and customized multi-parameter flow cytometry, multiplexed immunoassays and cellular immune function assays to evaluate the innate and adaptive immune status of study subjects. Validated tests include comprehensive immunophenotyping panels, multiplexed cytokine/chemokine detection in body fluids or culture supernatants, Single-molecule array (Simoa) ultra-sensitive assay, several ELISA assays, allo- and virus-specific T cell activation, T and B cell proliferation to antigens and mitogens, NK cell cytotoxicity, and granulocyte/monocyte oxidative burst. The core also performs customized assay development to meet the investigatorsā€™ needs.

For more information, please visit the IAC site.

Last updated
January 18, 2024