Magnify, the California NanoSystems Institute (CNSI) incubator, accelerates the growth and success of transformative technology startups by providing high-quality, affordable facilities, services, and expertise in a vibrant community of innovation. Magnify charges rent and does not take equity in the startups. Magnify offers entrepreneurs a unique opportunity to grow their businesses at CNSI, within the preeminent research ecosystem of the UCLA campus. Magnify offers its members:

  • Laboratory Space – Magnify offers flexible laboratory spaces that feature lab benches, private lab suites, and equipment rooms. Other amenities include fume hoods, autoclave and glass wash facilities, hazardous waste disposal, and more.  
  • Office – Magnify offers dynamic office space with like-minded entrepreneurs. The office area provides dedicated workstations, hot desks, and private offices for administrative activities. 
  • Meeting Rooms – Collaborate with your team or host clients and investors in one of their professional meeting rooms. CNSI also offers event spaces to their members.  
  • Tissue Culture – Shared BSL-2 tissue culture rooms offer access to biosafety cabinets, incubators, and freezers in addition to a variety of shared equipment.  

Magnify offers their portfolio of companies a variety of resources and amenities to help accelerate their path towards commercialization. Benefits offered to members include but are not limited to: (1) access to exclusive on-site seminars, workshops, and networking events; (2) a network of mentors that can help guide members towards achieving the next milestone; (3) helping companies with securing the next round of funding by connecting them to venture capital, corporate, and angel investors; (4) centralized purchasing with significant discounts, along with shipping and receiving support; (5) access to highly specialized microscopes, high throughput screening, material characterization equipment, clean rooms, and more at reduced internal rates; (6) collaboration with world-class researchers and discovery of new technologies by engaging in the rich research ecosystem of the UCLA campus; (7) exclusive benefits and perks to members through strategic partnerships offered by service providers and industry partners; and (8) Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) training and support for compliance with safety policies and regulations, including chemical/hazardous waste storage and disposal.

For more information, please visit the Magnify website.

Last updated
November 17, 2023