CTSI partnered with the DGSOM Metabolism Theme and others to sponsor a one-day symposium at UCLA devoted to mitochondrial research, including such areas as bioenergetics, dynamics and genetics. 

Highlights of the Nov. 2 symposium included presentations from top professional researchers in the mitochondrial field, a research talk competition for postdocs and students, and poster session competition. CTSI sponsored both competitions; below are the awardees.

Poster awards: 

First Prize

  • Huang Yang, graduate student, Department of Neurology/Molecular, Cell and Integrative Physiology, UCLA "Clueless/cluH Acts in Parallel to the PINK1/parkin Pathway in Regulating Mitochondrial Fission-Fusion and Compensates for Loss of PINK1/parkin"

Second Prize

  • Christina Termini, postdoctoral student, Hematology/Oncology, UCLA "Visualization of the Inner Mitochondria Membrane During Mitochondrial Division Using 4D Structured Illumination Microscopy"

Third Prize

  • Jennifer Ngo, graduate student, Chemistry & Biochemistry, UCLA "Dysregulation of Fatty Acid Utilization in Hepatocytes in Obese and Diabetic Models"

Talks awards: 

First Prize

  • Ting Zhang, graduate student, Molecular Cellular Integrative Physiology/Neurology, UCLA "Pathological VCP Disease Mutants Generate Mitochondrial Defects and are Relieved by VCP Inhibitors"

Second Prize

  • Agape Awad, graduate student, Chemistry & Biochemistry, UCLA "Nutrient Sensing and Mitochondrial Coenzyme Q Biosynthesis: Are They Connected by a Phosphatase?"

Third Prize

  • Lucie Bergdoll, postdoctoral student, Physiology, UCLA "Protonation State of Glutamate 73 Regulates the Formation of a Unique Dimericassociation of mVDAC1"

More information:

Visit the UCLA Mitochondrial Symposium website for more information.

Image caption: Symposium attendees during the poster session. 

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