The UCLA CTSI have four KL2 Scholars and one TL1 trainee who have been selected to present posters at the Annual Translational Science Meeting which is being jointly sponsored by the Association for Clinical and Translational Science (ACTS) and American Federation for Medical Research (AFMR) on April 9-11, 2014 in Washington, DC.  

The CTSI KL2 Scholars Program and TL1 Translational Science Fellowship focus on developing leaders in clinical research; scholars are trained to design and oversee research in multidisciplinary team settings, skills critical to a successful career in translational science and the overall mission of the NIH. CTSI TL1 Translational Science Fellows are also provided early exposure and appropriate training in clinical research; these pre-doctoral students are enrolled in medical, dental and nursing schools in addition to pharmacy, public health and other allied health disciplines.

For those attending the ACTS-AFMR event, their poster session information can be found below.

Thursday, April 10th, 9:30am - 11:00am
Poster Presentations - Exhibit Hall

KL2 Scholar: Amira Brown, PhD

Co-authors: Mark Mandelkern, M.D., Ph.D., Monica G. Ferrini, Ph.D. and Theodore C. Friedman,
M.D., Ph.D.
Title: Decreased Dopamine D2 Receptors in Brains of Alcohol Preferring Mice

KL2 Scholar: Heather Jones, MD

Co-authors: Timothy R. Crother, Romer A. Gonzalez‐Villalobos, Madhulika Jupelli, Shuang Chen,
Jargalsaikhan Dagvadorj, Moshe Arditi, Kenichi Shimada
Title: The NIRP3 Inflammasome Is Required For The Development Of Hypoxemia In A LPS/Mechanical Ventilation Model Of Acute Lung Injury

TL1 Trainee: Jenna Jones, MPH

Co-authors: Jack Needleman, PhD; Nadereh Pourat, PhD; Alice Kuo, MD, PhD; Moira Inkelas, PhD
Title: Length of Stay and Thirty Day Readmission for Youth and Young Adults Growing Older with Sickle Cell Disease

KL2 Scholar: Laura Payne, PhD

Co-authors: A.J. Rapkin, L.C. Seidman, K.C. Lung, L.K. Zeltzer, J.C. Tsao
Title: Relationships Among Dysmenorrhea, Laboratory Pain, And Psychological Variables In Healthy Girls And Girls With Chronic Pain

KL2 Scholar: Mary Sehl, MD, PhD

Co-authors: Miki Shimada, Kenneth Lange, and Max Wicha
Title: Modeling Of Cancer Stem Cell State Transitions Predicts Therapeutic Response


Thursday, April 10th, 2:30pm - 4:00pm
Oral Presentations B2 - Forum

TL1 Trainee: Jenna Jones, MPH

Title: Length of Stay and Thirty Day Readmission among Youth and Young Adults Growing Older With Sickle Cell Disease


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