Maritza Salazar Campo, Director of the Team Science program at UCLA CTSI, is seeking participants for a study on innovative teams and their work processes. Contact the Team Science Program if any of the following apply:

  • Your team is developing a new grant submission or product for commercialization
  • The members of your team are from different disciplines or specialized expertise areas
  • You are interested in receiving brainstorming facilitation

Participation criteria:

  • Your team must have at least three members
  • If your team has more than five members, no more than five may participate
  • The entire team, or the five members selected from larger teams, must participate together
  • UCLA CTSI partner site researchers are eligible to participate

Time commitment:

  • One team training session (1.5 hours), during which you will focus on your own work
  • One online post-training survey (15-20 minutes, about two weeks later)

In appreciation of your time, you will receive a $40 Amazon gift card per person when you submit the post- training survey online.

To volunteer or ask questions, contact Dr. Maritza Salazar (smaritza@uci.edu) or Daniel Slyngstad (daniel.slyngstad@cgu.edu). View the brochure here. Bootcamps are held at the research team's campus.

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