Project Title/Research Interests: The Role of Licensed Mental Health Staffing In Improving Patient Outcomes at Health Centers

Ms. Bonilla received her bachelor’s degree from Stanford University in 2008 and her MPH from Syracuse University in 2011.  She also took classes at the State University of New York, Upstate Medical University to study administration issues related to public health services for underserved communities in Syracuse.  Ms. Bonilla is bilingual in English and Spanish and worked as the Latin America and Caribbean Program Officer for John Snow.  She also served as the CIO Project Manager/Liaison for Syracuse University’s Haiti Outreach Program and as a development assistant/specialist for several organizations.  Her interests lie in the role of both socioeconomic factors and public governance in persistent health disparities across the Americas.  More specifically, she is interested in finding viable ways to improve health system designs that address more effectively the unique needs of different populations, from communication strategies, to assessment and data collection, to informed analysis and dissemination.