Assistant Professor
Division of General Pediatrics

Project title: Developing Tiered Care Pathways for Young Children with Developmental Risks

Paul Chung, MD, MS— UCLA
Neal Halfon, MD— UCLA
Moira Inkelas, PhD— UCLA
Ning Li, PhD— UCLA
Frederick Zimmerman, PhD – UCLA
Frances Glascoe, PhD—Vanderbilt University
Paul Shekelle, MD, PhD—RAND Corporation

Multidisciplinary Expertise:
Early childhood development, developmental screening, longitudinal data analysis, risk prediction models, clinical quality improvement and implementation science

Project Description:
Child health providers are encouraged to conduct early childhood developmental screening and surveillance as the primary way to identify the 5-10% of young children with developmental disabilities. In addition, however, an estimated 30% of children under 5 years old have developmental and behavioral risks which place them on worse trajectories in terms of long-term developmental, educational, and health outcomes. This project will develop a risk prediction model for poor school readiness at kindergarten entry, among children without developmental delay at age 2, using an existing longitudinal dataset. We will then translate the findings from these secondary data analyses into a clinically useful risk prediction and decision support tool, to identify children at high risk and connect them with effective support services in the community.