Project Title/Research Interests: Coverage Instability and Implications for Adults Living with Diabetes in the US, 2010-2016

Arturo Vargas Bustamante, PhD

Upon completing the PhD program in Health Policy and Management at UCLA, I hope to pursue a research career in a non-academic setting, such as at a think tank or a government agency. Ultimately, I would like to lead research projects that will help shape and better inform policies that affect access to care among vulnerable populations, especially among persons living with HIV/AIDS in the United States. At the moment, I am interested in how the Medicaid expansion under the ACA will affect access to care among newly insured persons living with HIV/AIDS in Los Angeles County. While at UCLA, I hope to develop a strong methodological background and pursue a cognate in health outcomes. Some time during my research career, I would also like to pursue post-doctoral training in health metrics or outcomes research in order to further refine my research skills and understand how we can better measure certain health outcomes, especially those that are relevant to my area of interest.