Project Title/Research Interests: Cancer survivors and survivorship care: Provider expectations, post-treatment health services, and patient reported outcomes

My research consists of three projects examining the real-world translation of two Institute of Medicine (IOM) recommendations for delivering high-quality cancer survivorship care: the use of survivorship care plans (SCPs) and survivorship care clinics.

My first project examines health services utilization in breast cancer survivors who have received a SCP compared to those who have not. It is hypothesized that those receiving a SCP will have more use of American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) recommended post-treatment surveillance services and less use of ASCO non-recommended services.

My second and third projects examine survivorship care clinics. I will compare health behaviors of survivors seen at survivorship clinics at two National Cancer Institute-designated comprehensive cancer centers to both cancer survivors and non-cancer controls from a nationally representative survey, the National Health Interview Survey (NHIS). It is hypothesized that survivors seen at academic centers will have greater use of preventive behaviors and less use of potentially harmful behaviors than the national sample.

Additionally, post-traumatic stress disorder in cancer survivors will be examined with particular attention to hematologic cancer survivors, an understudied group.