Project Title/Research Interests: Mobile Health Technology Use in Vulnerable Populations

Selene Mak has a BA in political science from UCLA and a MPH (concentration in health policy and management) from Emory University.  Ms. Mak has served as a legislative intern to State Senator Jason Carter (Georgia - District 42).  Most recently, she was a research assistant in the Department of Health System, Policy and Management at the Chinese University of Hong Kong School of Public Health and Primary Care.  She is co-author on a paper which examined the health profiles of migrants in Hong Kong and their utilization of health care services.  Ms. Mak is interested in interdisciplinary approaches to examining health disparities.  She hopes to explore the relationship between migration, acculturation, and health by analyzing the experiences of subgroups of Asian immigrants in the U.S., in order to inform policies aimed at increasing Asian immigrants' access to and use of preventive services in the area of women's health.