The STAR Program is a unique post-doctoral research-training program for the development of physician-scientists. Many clinical fellows are interested in pursuing a science career, but without prior formal training, they often lack the tools to be successful. Started in 1993, the STAR program was designed to fill this void in research training. STAR Fellows complete clinical training toward board certification while also pursuing a formal research degree. The program offers one of four research career tracks: 1) basic science PhD, 2) health services/outcomes research PhD, 3) a Physician-Scientist Training Program, and 4) postdoctoral research training for those who already have an MD-PhD.  By providing research training at the end of clinical training, trainees have better alignment of clinical and research interests and greater “momentum” as they transition to research faculty positions. Since 1993, the program has had over 235 graduates, of whom 80% continued in research positions either within academia (72%) or industry (8%). About half (49%) received career development awards, and 34% have so far have received an NIH R01 or equivalent grant. Graduates of the program include Division Chiefs, Center and Institute Directors, and multiple individuals in leadership roles at UCLA Health and other leading institutions across the country. Based on publicly available data, graduates of the STAR program have secured over $527 million in grant funding. 

For more information, please visit the STAR program’s webpage.

Last updated
January 3, 2024