Led by UCLA’s Dr. Sarah Dry, the UC BRAID Biobanking Initiative was established in order for biobanks to meet emerging federal standards and help accelerate the pace of translational research. It aims to aid in the creation of best practice documentation and a governance model for high-quality biospecimen banks. Through an inclusive governance model and standard processes for “UC-recognized” biobanks, this initiative hopes to ensure biosamples are the highest possible quality and that biobanks are operating ethically and meeting professional accredited standards. It also aims to develop biobanking educational programs. Biobanking resources include standard operating procedures for distribution, procurement, and storage as well as shared resources on developing efficient and ethical approaches to biobanking research within the UC, governance of biobanks, and outlining best practices for establishing biobanks at UC facilities.

For more information, please visit the UC Braid past achievements page. 

Last updated
November 15, 2023