The UCLA Center for Health Services and Society’s mission is to strengthen resiliency and improve the mental health of local and national diverse populations through rigorous research, effective programs, and partnering with community-based and policy agencies. The center maintains a strong focus on improving preventive and treatment services for mental illnesses across the lifespan while also exploring broader societal issues, such as understanding the social and historical context for services and illness and building new strategies to promote community strength and resiliency through healthcare, media and communication, and the arts. The Center houses UCLA clinical faculty that includes adult psychiatrists and psychologists, child and geriatric psychiatry specialists, and staff, including doctoral level social scientists, master's level statisticians, and research and administrative staff.

The Center’s values include: Community—collaborating with diverse partnerships to create an environment that promotes healthy development and well-being across the lifespan; Compassion—promoting respect, understanding and dignity towards persons and their families living in under-resourced communities; Creativity—using media, technology, and the arts to address stigma, engage populations, and promote empathy; Communication—leveraging advances in mobile health technologies to improve access, engagement, and empowerment in mental health care; Commitment—dedicating effort and resources to engaging communities in all phases of research, from design to dissemination; and Knowledge—employing rigorous partnered-research to promote a culture of health equity through two-way knowledge exchange and policy reform.

For more information, please visit the Center for Health Services and Society website.

Last updated
January 4, 2024