The Pilot Translational and Clinical Studies Program provides seed funding for collaborative research, team-building activities and development of novel technologies and approaches. The program administers the following competitive mechanisms: Team Science Awards (up to $200,000) to enable multidisciplinary teams to develop preliminary data for extramural funding for high-impact translational research; Catalyst Grants (up to $5,000) to support team-building activities, including seminars; symposia; meetings related to a specific disease or scientific problem to stimulate team formation; Core Vouchers (up to $10,000 in institutional funds) to defray the cost of core services at the CTSI partner sites for feasible, translational and unique research addressing health problems.

To enhance the community impact in Los Angeles, the Pilot Program will initiate new community-partnered Catalyst and Team Science Requests for Applications (RFAs) to support symposia, conferences and pilot research related to motor vehicle accidents, suicide and violence, which are leading causes of premature death in Los Angeles that have not yet attracted wide CTSI-supported investigation.

For more information, please visit the Pilot Translational and Clinical Studies page.

Last updated
December 22, 2023